Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make away with the Coverage !!

When any one talk about "KARACHI" the word "CITY OF LIGHT" come in the mind, but in the current situation it has replaced to "Target Killing".

Since 2009 to 2010 approx. 700 or more than people lost their lives and many families become gopher fortuitously. But the other scene of this play is more "PATHETIC". "MEDIA", a source which give us information about the situation of the world. It works freely in all over Pakistan especially in KARACHI.

Media / News Channels propagate readily the news about the issue "Target Killing" - as result obtained make grievousness for the Karachties, contrary it provides a vital coverage to the killers and give the forceful opportunities to kill more peoples. Then, They will succeed 50 % in their aim by the help of MEDIA, because which play a role to make panic situation among the massive population of Karachi.

Media should avoid to give coverage on the issue of "TARGET KILLINGS". I'm not telling you to totally stop the coverage or concern on this issue, than rather to avoid "readily" coverage on this issue.

I think, it will make a defeat potentially, without the readily coverage of this flighty attempt we can collapse the real motives of these terrorists- this motives are to destabilize the economy of PAKISTAN because any one easily collapse the economy of PAKISTAN by making a panic situation in KARACHI and ruin it peace.

I'm also a Karachitie, I appreciate the hard work of MEDIA for the Nation, but we make away the killers by censor of their attempts. We should fight them (KILLERS) and snookered them for the sake of KARACHI for the sake of PAKISTAN. Otherwise, we will go back to the dark ages and these terrorists denominated us with the great power.

THINK it, may be it to bring to bear.

Ammad Hafeez

Monday, July 19, 2010

Arms trade in Karachi & Proof the existence of Taliban

Many Political Parties want to make Karachi free from weapon and I think its the good idea. But first you should trace out the elements which have involve in this. Mostly in Karachi the smugling of weapons are done by Land Mafia, Drugs Mafia, Taliban / Pro taliban wings and so called JIHADI wings!!

If you are Karachities, you know better than other that in which oblast this kind of act is doing. Mostly weapons smuggle from Northern Areas to Karachi. In Karachi many territory where smugglers occur disguisedly as a Karachitie. BANARAS, AL-ASIF, JOHAR, LIYARI, DAALMIYA and many other dioceses where these Culprits exist.

16th July 2010, Friday Crime investigation Department's (CID) cought the bus driver who arrived in Karachi from Swat with huge cache of arms.
CID raided coach at BANARAS CHOWK near Macro Store.

In this Coach got, three Kalash-nikovs, two repeater guns, two 222 rifles, two 7mm rifles, 10 TT-pistols, 500 Kalashnikov bullets and 300 TT-pistol rounds

By the ivestigation of this driver revealed that Islam (arms dealer) had handed him over the weapons for deliver to man namely Jabber in Karachi.

"The turning point of this cases is started when this driver revealed that Jabbaer (arms dealer) delivers these illegal arms and ammunition to Taliban Militants, Land Mafia and other banned outfits in the city".

By this mystery arrest, a massive slapped to all who deny the existence of Taliban in Karachi. We want Karachi as a free state from "illegal" arms but authorities should concern to take a friutful step against these dealers in Karachi and also take some handsome action against the owner of illegal arms factories.

Me, As a Karachitie a request to responsable athourities of Karachi to take some action and make Karachi as a peace ful city.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Again, ANP Exposed by itself as Drug Mafia


MQM (Muthehida Qoumi Movement) also indicated the real faces of Land Mafia/Drug Mafia

Its a well known fact, that Karachi contains a large number of Land Mafias/Drug Mafia. The land Mafia/drug Mafia has its influence on multiple areas inside the city as well as the exit areas of Karachi.

Land mafia/Drug Mafia is involved in drugs, illegal weapons, kidnaping for ransom, bank roberies and many other crimes. This land mafia group has maked the city a living hell for common citizen.

What happened last consecutive years, was it for the interest of the people of Karachi, or was it a pre-planned setup to allow these Land mafia/Drug Mafia gangs to once again show their power, i have no doubts that they have the support of
ANP (a hypocrite), JI (an Extrmisits) and Imran Khan (Anti Karachi).

These all are the real culprits behind these bloodsheds, they have their stake in all this scenario, and they are the one who gain their political advantages by creating such situations in this economic hub of Pakistan.

I, as a common citizen, knows that these
terrorists have a very strong network in Karachi, and if one group is effected, the other comes into the action, but our govt. does'nt know such things, they just started the operation against them in 2 areas, without keeping any security arrangements in other sensitive areas of the City, and the time when the operation started, all the gangs of land mafia came on to the streets and started their activities, they burnt many cars, shooted many citizens, attacked homes, mis behaved Ladies and looted houses and shops.

May Allah save this City, AMEEN

Ammad Hafeez

Friday, June 25, 2010

"There is no other like Syed Mustafa Kamal"

Today I was just Collecting the Some main Points about Ex- Mayor of Karachi "Mustafa Kamal", Then I have found some main hard works of Ex-Mayor Mustafa Kamal.

Many of the great achievements in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

I’d place current Nazim of Karachi Mustafa Kamal best fit for this quote.

Generally we Pakistani Americans hear negative news about Pakistan.

If it is about politics we mostly hear about corruption of our some political leaders.
General people are becoming poor day by day but some political leaders are getting richer day by day.
Due to their acts Pakistan is going through their worst financial crisis.

If you check the current list of top richest people of Pakistan,
You will find name of two top most leaders in the list.

The richy rich ones of poorly poor nation

In 1980’s they were not even in the top 100 richest people list.
But today they are in the list of top 10 people of Pakistan, how did they become richest?

When the news comes about war on terrorisms, once again Pakistan leaders are on top.

We American Pakistani also follow our favorite’s game cricket.
When the things come for character, discipline and morality,
we are always disappointed by our players.
Either it is a sex scandals, ball tempering issue, match fixing, drugs etc.
Pakistani players are on top.

One of the past Pakistan famous play boy cricketer joined the group of our corrupt political system. Oh ALLAH save Pakistan from him.

We Pakistani American became almost hopeless for the future of Pakistan.

Now we start hearing good news about development in Karachi.
Few months back we listened to an interview on Air to Karachi Nazim Mustafa Kamal.

Then we read in some renowned news papers that Mustafa Kamal become second best mayor in the world.

Recently he appeared on ARY TV channel for a live interview.
For this occasion I invited some of my Pakistani American friends at my home to watch live interview of young dynamic Nazim Mustafa Kamal.
He was the guest in the famous talk show of Pj Mir.

It was delightful evening for us to listen and watch this young energetic nazim of Karachi.
He has done many thing for Pakistan.
He changed the infrastructure of Karachi.

I prayed to god to spread Nazim like Mustafa Kamal to all over Pakistan so we can come out from darkness.

Here are some Karachi pictures in links that will tell you his work performance.–Karachi–Pakistan.jpg

At the last, the administrator of Karachi was installed by the PPPP Govt. (Agha Siraj Durrani)
And he has also failed to get the Appreciation form the Karachities.

Watch this VDO and analyze the tenure of Administrator and Ex-mayor of Karachi Mustafa Kamal

At the end of this Note, I wanna clear that Mustafa Kamal belongs to a Middle class Family While he was living in the rental House.
After his tenure then Mr. Altaf Hussain gifted a new house to Ex-Mayor of Karachi "Mustafa Kamal"



We never forget the tenure of Mustafa Kamal

Ammad Hafeez

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say not the Struggle/Revolution Naught availeth

Assalam-o-Alaikum to All Visitors.

Today we are talking about the Real meaning of Struggle / Revolution.

A child was born on 17th September 1953 in the Middle class family. He has all qualities of the real Leader (Revolutionary). After the Child hood age, He is going to the age of "Soldier".

He belongs to Middle class family, In the Middle Class Family gives Priority Education to money. The Man joined College "Islamia Science College" for the Graduation. After the Graduation "He" studied at University of Karachi in the Department of Pharmacy.

During the Education Era in Karachi University , He realized many of Peoples in the University look down upon him and All of Students in Karachi University said him "Muhajir". They further said him that your community is not the legal nationality of Pakistan.

In the Karachi University there were a number of political parties working for their people, but no one was representing Muhajirs. Muhajirs who had sacrificed their lives, left their homeland, their property for the sake of Pakistan, were now left alone and their rights were not protected. From his belief a person living in Karachi or any other city must get all resources that are the rights of every citizen.They were living the life of third degree citizens in their own country.

The Man (He) was stand for the Muhajirs and On 11th, June 1978 he provided the university students a way to fight injustice and established “ALL PAKISTAN MUHAJIR STUDENTS ORGANIZATION”, The Man is Only One " Mr. Altaf Hussain ".

Day by day, APMSO got fame and spread all over the Institutes. After a long " struggle " APMSO became very successful by protecting the rights of Muhajirs.

To provide a better environment of studies to those peoples A.P.M.S.O proudly converted into the “All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization” on 11 June 2006. APMSO, sole aim is to provide justice, and for this cause it has also established international communities which are spread all over the world

It was during University life that Mr. Altaf Hussain became involved in activism raising his voice for various injustices against Muhajir students. - Mr. Altaf Hussain rightly felt the sense of depreciation among Muhajir Community.

Especially the injustices towards Muhajir Students forced him to found All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization on June 11, 1978.- His philosophy gained momentum and large number of students gathered at his platform. He was elected as the first Chairman of APMSO on June 11, 1978.

And Then Mr. Altaf Hussain Launhced "MQM". And Launching of MQM was the great Stance by Mr. Altaf Hussain.. Now MQM brings Middle Class Peoples to the Parliament. By the Struggle of The MAN " Mr. Altaf Hussain " MQM and APMSO got fame and Also got high Strength although many Conspiracies was hatched by the Hate Mongers but MQM and APMSO faced all Conspiracies under the Shade of Mr. Alataf Hussain. And MQM is the 3rd biggest Political Party of Pakistan and the Second biggest ruling Party of the Sindh and The Most Biggest and highly mandated Party of Karachi..

It all has happened by the NON Stop Struggle of Mr. Altaf Hussain. He is serving his life for the Poor and Middle Class Peoples of Pakistan. Mr. Altaf Hussain is the Bold and Courageous Revolutionary Leader Who never Stop his Struggle for the Middle class and Poor Sect of Pakistan..

At last, It's True "Say not the Struggle/Revolution Naught availeth"
Congratulation to all Supporters and Workers of QeT Altaf hussain Bhai "The Foundation day of APMSO"

Ammad Hafeez.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exposition of Indian Fake Kargil Heroes.

Assalam-o-Alaikum to all Visitors
Today, We are Talking about the Kargil "FAKE" hero of Indian Army..

Firt, Watch this VDO.. In this VDO Exposition of Fake Heroes of Indian Army in the War of Kargil

Short Story Of Fake Heroes

Fake Kargil Hero emerges in Indian Army—Param Vir Chakra recipient Indian soldier surfaces as another falsely cited Kargil Hero.
—Havildar Sanjay Kumar spotted wearing demoted ranks during Republic Day Parade.
—India’s Kargil Hero found sick of Army service, looks for a private or civil job.
—Earlier Indian Army’s Grenadier "Yoginder Singh Yadav", another recipient of highest military award actually turned out to be a Kargil absconder
—Indian government awarded Yadav with Posthumous Param Vir Chakra while he was found alive, hiding at a medical facility
—Indian military officials made a variety of baseless citations to create fake Heroes after Kargil debacle
—RAW sponsored different Bollywood movies to defend phony citations of fake Kargil heroes

From Christina Palmer

It has been more than a decade now, yet, it appears that the stink of Kargil debacle is still there in the air for the Indian army and while the Indian military and intelligence continue to lick the Kargil wounds another “Kargil Hero”, created through fake citations of the commanders surfaced as disgraced and outraged by none else by the Indian Army itself when he came to take part in the Republic Day Pravda here at New Delhi with a deeply dejected body language, wearing the demoted, downgraded ranks on his uniform, joining the “Fakes’ Club” of Indian war heroes where at least Grenadier Yonginder Singh Yadav was awaiting him, reveal the findings of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal Havildar Sanjay Kumar, a Param Vir Chakra recipient (awarded for showing extraordinary bravery during Kargil conflict), has already been downgraded to the rank of Lance Naik from the rank of Havildar while the Indian Ministry of Defence refuses to give any explanations for this disgrace and demotion to the recipient of country’s highest military award.
The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that Havildar Sanjay Kumar was “citied” by his commanders for “ fighting with extraordinary bravery during the Kargil conflict between India and Pakistan, more than a decade ago and was thus awarded the country’s highest gallantry award, the Param Vir Chakra and was promoted to rank of Havildar from the lowest rank of Rifleman. These findings indicate that Kumar is among the only three surviving soldiers who received the highest peace and wartime “honour”. Apart from the 13th Jammu and Kashmir Rifles soldier, Yogendra Singh Yadav of 22 Grenadier and Subedar Major Bana Singh (Honorary Captain) are the only other PVC recipients who are still alive.

New Fake Kargil Hero of Indian Army, Lance Naik Sanjay Kumar
Former Fake Kargil Hero of Indian Army, Grinadier Yoginder Singh Yadav

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that Kumar, who was promoted to the rank of Havildar from Rifleman, was seen wearing the ranks of a Lance Naik during a recent function held to celebrate the 61st Republic Day. Though he refused to comment, sources said he was demoted from his rank of Havildar after he was awarded the Param Vir Chakra. When contacted by The Daily Mail, Military officials also refused to comment on the issue. But what could be a double insult to Kumar is that the Ministry of Defence continued to mention him as a Havildar in its press releases issued for the Republic Day.
“In last year’s Republic Day Parade he was seen wearing the ranks of a Lance Naik. But in the officials press releases he was mentioned as Havildar,” said a Ministry of Defence official, requesting anonymity. It is worth mentioning here that all surviving Param Vir Chakra awardees join the march past at Rajpath every year on Republic Day.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that after the Kargil conflict was over, the Army Headquarters at New Delhi, that were stormed by controversies and massive criticism, not only for the debacle at the war front but also for the massive financial wrongdoings in the direction of procurements by army, directed all the commanders of the Kargil front to immediately submit citations for the bravery of the soldiers so that the pressure from the political circles could be minimized nonetheless to boost up the morale of the demoralized troops. These findings indicate that in the hasty compliance of strong orders from the headquarters, the commanders at Kargil made a variety of blunders and submitted many fake citations with the recommendations of top military awards including the highest and the most prestigious PVC award.

The Daily Mail’s findings reveal that the wrong citations started surfacing soon and the biggest blunder in this regard emerged when the farcical episode of PVC recipient Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadave began to unveiled as Yoginder was found hiding at a military hospital in New Delhi while, following the fake citations of his commanders, the government of Indian awarded him with the posthumous (after death) PVC award.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that Indian army leadership was put on a flashing burner by the opposition parties in the parliament not only for outrageous display of combat at Kargil but also for huge financial wrongdoings in procurements, during the conflict. These findings indicate that after pointing out glaring lapses and improprieties in purchase of specialised mountain warfare equipment for the Kargil war, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India had said that even non high-altitude weaponry deals were pushed through by the Defence Ministry in the name of Operation Vijay. “Though deployment of T-72 tanks was not possible at high altitude,” the defence ministry had used the pretext of Operation Vijay and the relaxation of procedures to push through a deal worth $27.17 million in July, 1999 for delivery of 2800 rounds of T-72 ammunition from Israel and another 7000 rounds within six months, the CAG said in its report tabled in the Indian Parliament.

The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that T-72 ammunition was not the sole case of ‘non-emergent requirement’ pushed through as another glaring example was the import of 644 items of spares for combat engineers tractors from the Royal Ordinance, United Kingdom in January, 2000 at an estimated cost of 439,810.33 pounds sterling. Saying that out of 644 items, 475 spares were only bin items, the CAG had stated that the deal was gone through without reviewing the justification for bin samples for spares included in the contract, even though these combat tractors were due to be phased out by 2003. “Thus even unnecessary and non-emergent requirements were pushed through Operation Vijay procurement,” the CAG said in its report.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate the CAG had pointed out that the deal went through even though sufficient funds were not available under the relevant head for purchase of ammunition adding that relaxed procedure for Kargil operations were used to push through the deal.
The Daily Mail’s findings further indicate that the CAG also referred to another case of projected requirement of 20 short-range additional radars, citing urgent needs for Operation Vijay, which ‘appeared imprudent’. It said the army, citing urgent requirements for Kargil operations, projected an immediate induction of 20 radars in July, 1999 and the ministry called for quotations in September 20, 1999 with a delivery schedule of six to eight weeks. “A higher unit price of $112,500 dollars was quoted by the same company for a shorter delivery period. The offer was accepted and the contract worth $2.3 million concluded,” .

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that such allegations of financial embezzlements under the grab of combating a war with Pakistan and the accusations of below average performance by the troops rang alarm bells at the Military Headquarters in New Delhi and the top brass started taking all the measures for face saving and the hurriedly invited citations from the field commanders was the top step, taken under extreme pressure. These findings indicate that the first major baseless citation in this direction that hit the headlines of the media across the world was that of Grenadier Yoginder Singh Yadave of the Gathak platoon of the Indian army. Yadave was awarded with Posthumous Param Vir Chakra in the light of the citations of his commanders for fighting with extraordinary bravery at Kargil front. However the international media, soon after the announcement of the award, discovered that the “brave martyred”, recipient of posthumous PVC award was not only alive but was hiding was actually an absconder who ran away from the war front by hiding himself under the bodies of some dead and critically injured fellow soldiers and managed to make it to a local field military hospital and from there, he managed to make it further to the main military medical facility at New Delhi with fake identification. His actual whereabouts surfaced when local and international media spotted him to be present, and present very much alive after the Indian government awarded him with the posthumous PVC award, causing great humiliation and immense embarrassment to both the Indian government and Indian Army.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that in a bid to overcome this outrageous blunder, the Indian Army begun a high-level inquiry into the “unpardonable mistake” of declaring one of the Param Vir Chakra winners, Grenadier Yogendra Singh Yadav, dead, though he was actually an absconder and hiding in an army hospital in New Delhi. Senior army officers said it was at the Srinagar headquarters of the 15 Corps or Northern Command headquarters in Udhampur that the goof up happened.
These findings further indicate that the then Indian Army Chief General V.P Malik tendered an apology, while the Defence Ministry accepted the mistake. Chief of Army Staff General VP Malik ordered an inquiry and warned of severe punishment for those responsible for the outrageous mistake but nothing has happened till today but on the other side, Yoginder was not deprived of the award until the outcomes of the inquiry committee, which never came up with any conclusion, enabling an absconder to enjoy the honour of being PVC recipient, though he has never been any out of the turn promotion etc, to recognize his “bravery” while such promotions and benefits otherwise come as a package for a PVC recipient in India.

The Daily Mail’s investigations indicate that recommendation for any gallantry award for a soldier is initiated by the commanding officer of a battalion to the brigade headquarters. From the brigade headquarters it is passed on after scrutiny to the divisional headquarters and from there to the corps headquarters. From the corps, after detailed discussion and correlation of the claims, it is the send to the command headquarters, where from it is forwarded to the army headquarters in New Delhi but it appears that in the Kargil case, everybody did everything on emergency basis, without following the set proceedures and thus committed serious blunders.
“The Param Vir Chakra is awarded for rarest of the rare gallantry which is beyond the call of duty and which in normal life is considered impossible to do, but it seems that these pre-requisites never came under consideration in the process of awarding awards to Kargil fighters of Indian army, “a former officer of the Indian army and now attached with a defence related think tank at New Delhi. He said a gallantry award is given for a particular act, and a soldier could win more than one gallantry award in a war for his different actions.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that while the Param Vir Chakra, Maha Vir Chakra, Vir Chakra, Sena Medal and Mention in Despatches are awarded to soldiers who go out to the field and fight the battle, for leadership qualities senior officers are selected for Sarvottam Yudh Seva Medal, Uttam Yudh Seva Medal and Yudh Seva Medal. After the Kargil conflict, Sarvottam Yudh Seva Medal was awarded to the chief of Western Command of the Indian Air Force, Air Marshal Vinod Patney, who is so far the second officer in Independent India’s history to be awarded this honour.

The Daily Mail’s findings disclose that just like Grenadier Yadav’s case, Rifleman Sanjay Kumar was also falsely citied for bravery by his field commanders as he was seriously wounded after receiving bullets on chest as well as at the arms and was retrieved by the medical units in unconsciousness from the foot of a hill during the ceasefire hours.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate the a committee, that was formed to review the Kargil citations after the Yadav episode, disclosed that Rifleman Sanjay Kumar was also a fake hero., Kumar, in the meantime, was elevated to the rank of lance Naik and then to the rank of Havildar. In the light of the recommendations of the review committee, the Indian army decided not to make the new PVC blunder public and decided to hush-up the matter. However, later Kumar was not only demoted to the rank of Lance Naik but was also subjected to grave snubbing and humiliation by his seniors, making life miserable for the otherwise PVC recipient, in the army.
The Daily Mail’s investigations reveal that the prestigious PVC recipient Lance Naik Kumar has been humiliated so much that he has finally decided to quit the army and to opt for a private or civil job as he was a driver by profession before joining army.

The Indian Army sources confirm that Kumar has been offered a job by the Himachal Pradesh government, indicating that the disgraced soldier was planning to quit the Army. “Kumar is looking forward to completing his mandatory 17 years service in the Army and then take up another job. Himachal Pradesh government has offered him a good job, but he cannot leave without completing the mandatory years of service,” said a senior official of the Indian Army, Brigadier R Vohra of the personnel directorate at the army headquarters.
Major Gen (retd) Sheru Thapliyal, who was military advisor during the Kargil operation refused to comment over the issue when contacted by The Daily Mail. Maj Gen Thapliyal had recommended promotion for the gallantry award winners. However repeated attempts to elicit a response from the Ministry of Defence over phone, e-mail by The daily Mail proved futile while the Army also refused to comment over the issue.

The Daily Mail’s findings indicate that Indian Military Intelligence and Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) have been making numerous efforts to defend the image of the fake heroes of Kargil. These findings indicate that as a top effort, RAW drafted the script of a Bollywood movie titled, LoC Kargil and completely financed the same with theme to project both Yadav and Kumar as war heroes of Kargil conflict, though the movie came as a supper dupper flop on the box office despite a galaxy of Indian showbiz stars featuring in it.

By the Grace of Allah, We (Pakistani) have many Real Heroes of Kargil and We never forget them at any Cost.
Pakistan Zindabad

Monday, May 31, 2010

Current Situation In Karachi-->> MQM is the Last Hope for the People Of Karachi

Assalam-o-Alaikum to All Visitors
Today we are talking about the Critical and Political Situation of Karachi..

Previous few days Senior ANP leader and Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour warned against killing Pakhtuns saying we were set to kill or get killed.
He was addressing a public gathering at Ajmal Khatak's house in Akora Khatak.
He was of the view that situation is Karachi was getting out of control and can get spilled over across country.

Reacting to Ghulam Ahmed Bilour's comments MQM Rabita Committee said ANP was bent upon disturbing peace of the city by issuing such damaging statements.
Further, R.C said ANP has some nefarious designs about Karachi.

R.C suggested ANP to adopt path of reconciliation. Pakhtuns are being ruthlessly killed in their hometown not in Karachi and Bilour's comments are an attempt to hide failure to protect poor Pakhtuns.

On Tuesday, 25th May 2010

Two Awami National Party (ANP) members including a provincial minister, staged a walkout from the Sindh Assembly on the first day of its current session on Monday, in protest against the ‘failure of government’ to apprehend the culprits involved in incidents of targeted killing in the city.

Both the ANP members, Provincial Labour Minister Ameer Nawab and MPA Amanullah Mehsud, left the House after the latter while speaking on a point of order protested on the issue. They later returned to the House on the request of PPP members, including Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq and Law Minister Ayaz Soomro.

Referring to Sunday’s meeting with ANP leader Shahi Syed, the chief minister said Syed had expressed his satisfaction over the steps taken by the government in this regard, adding that the ANP members should have taken their party discipline into account.

The chief minister said the government had taken various steps to address the issue including political contacts with MQM chief Altaf Hussain as part of the government’s reconciliation policy. He claimed that some culprits have been arrested during house search operations and arms and ammunition recovered.

The chief minister said that two Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) workers also fell victim to targeted killings.

Later after the adjournment of the House, Nawab told journalists that the government should either fix the responsibility of targeted killings and arrest the culprits or give a free hand to the law enforcement agencies. He alleged the government was avoiding exposing the culprits or acting against them under political compulsions.

Nawab said the ANP would not oppose a proposal that the political party should be held responsible for targeted killings in areas where it had the mandate.

Responding to a question regarding Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement, he said that connecting the targeted killings issue with FATA and Swat was not enough and the government would have to take action against the culprits irrespective of their affiliations.

Earlier, PPP MPA from Karachi Nadeem Ahmed Bhutto also complained of continued assassinations of PPP workers in targeted killings. Referring to recent assassination of two PPP workers, he said some 13 party workers had been killed in his constituency since the last general elections.

The government withdrew the Sindh Building Control (Amendment) Bill-2009 during the assembly session. The withdrawn bill would be replaced by the Sindh Planning and Development Boards Bill-2010, which was included in the agenda for introduction and consideration and was expected to be approved

Meanwhile Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro took a new oath as the speaker before the House under article 52(2) read with article 127 and 107 of 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan.

Now the Sindh Assembly speaker would need not to take an oath to become the acting governor Sindh in absence of Sindh governor. However, in the absence of the governor and the provincial assembly speaker, the deputy speaker assembly will have to take oath each time on become acting governor.

Arif Masih took oath as an MPA of the MQM on a minority seat after death of Ex-MPA Dr Partab Singh.

ANP Sindh Chief Shahi Syed of patronised drug and land mafias in the metropolis and charged him with hatching conspiracies to spark ethnic strife between Pakhtun and Mohajir communities for his vested interest.
Shahi Syed remarks against Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad. He demanded President Asif Zardari to take notice of Shahi Syed remarks against the Sindh governor because he was a representative of the President in the province. He said that Dr Ishratul Ebad was uncontroversial governor of the province, saying that everybody accepted the services of the Sindh Governor for the development, prosperity, and peace of the province.
The MQM leader reminded that the ANP Sindh leader was merely a Rickshaw owner when made it to Karachi. “And now after misusing the name of Bacha Khan, he has amassed millions of rupees by way of criminal and illegal activities,”
Shahi Syed wanted to destroy the peace of the metropolis for his vested interest.Shahi Syed after getting the slot of ANP Sindh President was hatching the conspiracy of ethnic riots between Pakhtun and Mohajir community.
Earlier both Mohajir and Pakhtun population of the metropolis were living peacefully with each other.
Shahi Syed in his 2nd May speech at Jashan-e-Khyber-Pakh-toonkhwa at seaview Karachi used threatening and abusive language against the Mohajir Community but MQM remained silent for the sake of peace in Karachi. He alleged that criminals of land and drug mafia were leading the ANP in Sindh province, saying that these criminals had been busy in occupation lands, houses, and flats of the ordinary people in the city.The successful meeting of the Hazarawal community in the metropolis and their unity made ANP fear about its political future of ANP in Karachi.

No any political party has yet come forward with a list of their political workers, including the ANP. Just working hypothetically on the basis of ethnicities would not suffice. Almost half of the victims of MQM workers were Pakhtun and Hazarawal.

The number of Pakhtuns living in Karachi is highly exaggerated. The Hazarawal leadership also claims that their number is three million in Karachi. Two MPA seats, which were secured by the ANP, were from the Hazarawal-dominated areas, who would definitely oppose the ANP in the next general elections.

The ANP has a slim chance to win from any constituency in Karachi in the next general elections, because other, more moderate religious parties would also be in the field, besides the MQM. To be re-elected on the present seats, the ANP has to work tirelessly day and night. Two and a half years have passed and development work has yet to start in those areas.

It is not necessary that the ANP would be able to keep the same liberal face as it is keeping in the province of Khyber Pakhunkhwa. Here I would like to add that the Pakhtun community is involved with the land mafia, drug mafia and religious extremism. The unfortunate incidents involving the deaths of innocent people, which happened in Hazara Division, indicates that the ANP does not believe in tolerance. Such a treatment by the ANP government would process the separatist tendencies for a Hazara province in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa more rapidly.

Remember 1964, when an incumbent president of Pakistan won the presidential elections. His son took out an armed victory procession in Karachi in an open jeep along with dozens of trucks, firing wildly at everything that moved, be it a child or a woman or an old man. The hospitals were filled with bodies and the wounded. What were the crimes of the Karachiites? They just supported a woman as the presidential candidate, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.

Remember 1986, when Karachi’s Sohrab Goth became the world’s largest heroin market. Under international pressure, the then government and security agencies decided to launch an operation against the drug mafia. During the process of removal of the drug mafia, not a single bullet was fired. But the drug mafia had other plans. It retaliated most ruthlessly in their night attacks on peaceful and unarmed communities living at Qasba and Aligarh Colonies in Orangi Town and hundreds of residents were butchered overnight. They hoped that such attacks might immediately halt the administration from the operation against the drug mafia in Sohrab Goth.

In Karachi, Urdu-speaking and Pashto-speaking communities are living in harmony. It is the ANP leadership that incites people to violence through fiery statements.
Karachi is in the hand of MQM It's Good for all, And the World know about the MQM policy which is based on the Pacesetters of development..Had it not been for the MQM’s efforts for peace, no development could have taken place in Karachi.

Allah Keep Peace in Karachi..!! And MQM is the Last Hope for the People Of Karachi..