Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make away with the Coverage !!

When any one talk about "KARACHI" the word "CITY OF LIGHT" come in the mind, but in the current situation it has replaced to "Target Killing".

Since 2009 to 2010 approx. 700 or more than people lost their lives and many families become gopher fortuitously. But the other scene of this play is more "PATHETIC". "MEDIA", a source which give us information about the situation of the world. It works freely in all over Pakistan especially in KARACHI.

Media / News Channels propagate readily the news about the issue "Target Killing" - as result obtained make grievousness for the Karachties, contrary it provides a vital coverage to the killers and give the forceful opportunities to kill more peoples. Then, They will succeed 50 % in their aim by the help of MEDIA, because which play a role to make panic situation among the massive population of Karachi.

Media should avoid to give coverage on the issue of "TARGET KILLINGS". I'm not telling you to totally stop the coverage or concern on this issue, than rather to avoid "readily" coverage on this issue.

I think, it will make a defeat potentially, without the readily coverage of this flighty attempt we can collapse the real motives of these terrorists- this motives are to destabilize the economy of PAKISTAN because any one easily collapse the economy of PAKISTAN by making a panic situation in KARACHI and ruin it peace.

I'm also a Karachitie, I appreciate the hard work of MEDIA for the Nation, but we make away the killers by censor of their attempts. We should fight them (KILLERS) and snookered them for the sake of KARACHI for the sake of PAKISTAN. Otherwise, we will go back to the dark ages and these terrorists denominated us with the great power.

THINK it, may be it to bring to bear.

Ammad Hafeez

Monday, July 19, 2010

Arms trade in Karachi & Proof the existence of Taliban

Many Political Parties want to make Karachi free from weapon and I think its the good idea. But first you should trace out the elements which have involve in this. Mostly in Karachi the smugling of weapons are done by Land Mafia, Drugs Mafia, Taliban / Pro taliban wings and so called JIHADI wings!!

If you are Karachities, you know better than other that in which oblast this kind of act is doing. Mostly weapons smuggle from Northern Areas to Karachi. In Karachi many territory where smugglers occur disguisedly as a Karachitie. BANARAS, AL-ASIF, JOHAR, LIYARI, DAALMIYA and many other dioceses where these Culprits exist.

16th July 2010, Friday Crime investigation Department's (CID) cought the bus driver who arrived in Karachi from Swat with huge cache of arms.
CID raided coach at BANARAS CHOWK near Macro Store.

In this Coach got, three Kalash-nikovs, two repeater guns, two 222 rifles, two 7mm rifles, 10 TT-pistols, 500 Kalashnikov bullets and 300 TT-pistol rounds

By the ivestigation of this driver revealed that Islam (arms dealer) had handed him over the weapons for deliver to man namely Jabber in Karachi.

"The turning point of this cases is started when this driver revealed that Jabbaer (arms dealer) delivers these illegal arms and ammunition to Taliban Militants, Land Mafia and other banned outfits in the city".

By this mystery arrest, a massive slapped to all who deny the existence of Taliban in Karachi. We want Karachi as a free state from "illegal" arms but authorities should concern to take a friutful step against these dealers in Karachi and also take some handsome action against the owner of illegal arms factories.

Me, As a Karachitie a request to responsable athourities of Karachi to take some action and make Karachi as a peace ful city.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Again, ANP Exposed by itself as Drug Mafia


MQM (Muthehida Qoumi Movement) also indicated the real faces of Land Mafia/Drug Mafia

Its a well known fact, that Karachi contains a large number of Land Mafias/Drug Mafia. The land Mafia/drug Mafia has its influence on multiple areas inside the city as well as the exit areas of Karachi.

Land mafia/Drug Mafia is involved in drugs, illegal weapons, kidnaping for ransom, bank roberies and many other crimes. This land mafia group has maked the city a living hell for common citizen.

What happened last consecutive years, was it for the interest of the people of Karachi, or was it a pre-planned setup to allow these Land mafia/Drug Mafia gangs to once again show their power, i have no doubts that they have the support of
ANP (a hypocrite), JI (an Extrmisits) and Imran Khan (Anti Karachi).

These all are the real culprits behind these bloodsheds, they have their stake in all this scenario, and they are the one who gain their political advantages by creating such situations in this economic hub of Pakistan.

I, as a common citizen, knows that these
terrorists have a very strong network in Karachi, and if one group is effected, the other comes into the action, but our govt. does'nt know such things, they just started the operation against them in 2 areas, without keeping any security arrangements in other sensitive areas of the City, and the time when the operation started, all the gangs of land mafia came on to the streets and started their activities, they burnt many cars, shooted many citizens, attacked homes, mis behaved Ladies and looted houses and shops.

May Allah save this City, AMEEN

Ammad Hafeez