Thursday, July 22, 2010

Make away with the Coverage !!

When any one talk about "KARACHI" the word "CITY OF LIGHT" come in the mind, but in the current situation it has replaced to "Target Killing".

Since 2009 to 2010 approx. 700 or more than people lost their lives and many families become gopher fortuitously. But the other scene of this play is more "PATHETIC". "MEDIA", a source which give us information about the situation of the world. It works freely in all over Pakistan especially in KARACHI.

Media / News Channels propagate readily the news about the issue "Target Killing" - as result obtained make grievousness for the Karachties, contrary it provides a vital coverage to the killers and give the forceful opportunities to kill more peoples. Then, They will succeed 50 % in their aim by the help of MEDIA, because which play a role to make panic situation among the massive population of Karachi.

Media should avoid to give coverage on the issue of "TARGET KILLINGS". I'm not telling you to totally stop the coverage or concern on this issue, than rather to avoid "readily" coverage on this issue.

I think, it will make a defeat potentially, without the readily coverage of this flighty attempt we can collapse the real motives of these terrorists- this motives are to destabilize the economy of PAKISTAN because any one easily collapse the economy of PAKISTAN by making a panic situation in KARACHI and ruin it peace.

I'm also a Karachitie, I appreciate the hard work of MEDIA for the Nation, but we make away the killers by censor of their attempts. We should fight them (KILLERS) and snookered them for the sake of KARACHI for the sake of PAKISTAN. Otherwise, we will go back to the dark ages and these terrorists denominated us with the great power.

THINK it, may be it to bring to bear.

Ammad Hafeez

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