Monday, May 31, 2010

Current Situation In Karachi-->> MQM is the Last Hope for the People Of Karachi

Assalam-o-Alaikum to All Visitors
Today we are talking about the Critical and Political Situation of Karachi..

Previous few days Senior ANP leader and Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmed Bilour warned against killing Pakhtuns saying we were set to kill or get killed.
He was addressing a public gathering at Ajmal Khatak's house in Akora Khatak.
He was of the view that situation is Karachi was getting out of control and can get spilled over across country.

Reacting to Ghulam Ahmed Bilour's comments MQM Rabita Committee said ANP was bent upon disturbing peace of the city by issuing such damaging statements.
Further, R.C said ANP has some nefarious designs about Karachi.

R.C suggested ANP to adopt path of reconciliation. Pakhtuns are being ruthlessly killed in their hometown not in Karachi and Bilour's comments are an attempt to hide failure to protect poor Pakhtuns.

On Tuesday, 25th May 2010

Two Awami National Party (ANP) members including a provincial minister, staged a walkout from the Sindh Assembly on the first day of its current session on Monday, in protest against the ‘failure of government’ to apprehend the culprits involved in incidents of targeted killing in the city.

Both the ANP members, Provincial Labour Minister Ameer Nawab and MPA Amanullah Mehsud, left the House after the latter while speaking on a point of order protested on the issue. They later returned to the House on the request of PPP members, including Senior Education Minister Pir Mazharul Haq and Law Minister Ayaz Soomro.

Referring to Sunday’s meeting with ANP leader Shahi Syed, the chief minister said Syed had expressed his satisfaction over the steps taken by the government in this regard, adding that the ANP members should have taken their party discipline into account.

The chief minister said the government had taken various steps to address the issue including political contacts with MQM chief Altaf Hussain as part of the government’s reconciliation policy. He claimed that some culprits have been arrested during house search operations and arms and ammunition recovered.

The chief minister said that two Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) workers also fell victim to targeted killings.

Later after the adjournment of the House, Nawab told journalists that the government should either fix the responsibility of targeted killings and arrest the culprits or give a free hand to the law enforcement agencies. He alleged the government was avoiding exposing the culprits or acting against them under political compulsions.

Nawab said the ANP would not oppose a proposal that the political party should be held responsible for targeted killings in areas where it had the mandate.

Responding to a question regarding Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik’s statement, he said that connecting the targeted killings issue with FATA and Swat was not enough and the government would have to take action against the culprits irrespective of their affiliations.

Earlier, PPP MPA from Karachi Nadeem Ahmed Bhutto also complained of continued assassinations of PPP workers in targeted killings. Referring to recent assassination of two PPP workers, he said some 13 party workers had been killed in his constituency since the last general elections.

The government withdrew the Sindh Building Control (Amendment) Bill-2009 during the assembly session. The withdrawn bill would be replaced by the Sindh Planning and Development Boards Bill-2010, which was included in the agenda for introduction and consideration and was expected to be approved

Meanwhile Sindh Assembly Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro took a new oath as the speaker before the House under article 52(2) read with article 127 and 107 of 18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan.

Now the Sindh Assembly speaker would need not to take an oath to become the acting governor Sindh in absence of Sindh governor. However, in the absence of the governor and the provincial assembly speaker, the deputy speaker assembly will have to take oath each time on become acting governor.

Arif Masih took oath as an MPA of the MQM on a minority seat after death of Ex-MPA Dr Partab Singh.

ANP Sindh Chief Shahi Syed of patronised drug and land mafias in the metropolis and charged him with hatching conspiracies to spark ethnic strife between Pakhtun and Mohajir communities for his vested interest.
Shahi Syed remarks against Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad. He demanded President Asif Zardari to take notice of Shahi Syed remarks against the Sindh governor because he was a representative of the President in the province. He said that Dr Ishratul Ebad was uncontroversial governor of the province, saying that everybody accepted the services of the Sindh Governor for the development, prosperity, and peace of the province.
The MQM leader reminded that the ANP Sindh leader was merely a Rickshaw owner when made it to Karachi. “And now after misusing the name of Bacha Khan, he has amassed millions of rupees by way of criminal and illegal activities,”
Shahi Syed wanted to destroy the peace of the metropolis for his vested interest.Shahi Syed after getting the slot of ANP Sindh President was hatching the conspiracy of ethnic riots between Pakhtun and Mohajir community.
Earlier both Mohajir and Pakhtun population of the metropolis were living peacefully with each other.
Shahi Syed in his 2nd May speech at Jashan-e-Khyber-Pakh-toonkhwa at seaview Karachi used threatening and abusive language against the Mohajir Community but MQM remained silent for the sake of peace in Karachi. He alleged that criminals of land and drug mafia were leading the ANP in Sindh province, saying that these criminals had been busy in occupation lands, houses, and flats of the ordinary people in the city.The successful meeting of the Hazarawal community in the metropolis and their unity made ANP fear about its political future of ANP in Karachi.

No any political party has yet come forward with a list of their political workers, including the ANP. Just working hypothetically on the basis of ethnicities would not suffice. Almost half of the victims of MQM workers were Pakhtun and Hazarawal.

The number of Pakhtuns living in Karachi is highly exaggerated. The Hazarawal leadership also claims that their number is three million in Karachi. Two MPA seats, which were secured by the ANP, were from the Hazarawal-dominated areas, who would definitely oppose the ANP in the next general elections.

The ANP has a slim chance to win from any constituency in Karachi in the next general elections, because other, more moderate religious parties would also be in the field, besides the MQM. To be re-elected on the present seats, the ANP has to work tirelessly day and night. Two and a half years have passed and development work has yet to start in those areas.

It is not necessary that the ANP would be able to keep the same liberal face as it is keeping in the province of Khyber Pakhunkhwa. Here I would like to add that the Pakhtun community is involved with the land mafia, drug mafia and religious extremism. The unfortunate incidents involving the deaths of innocent people, which happened in Hazara Division, indicates that the ANP does not believe in tolerance. Such a treatment by the ANP government would process the separatist tendencies for a Hazara province in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa more rapidly.

Remember 1964, when an incumbent president of Pakistan won the presidential elections. His son took out an armed victory procession in Karachi in an open jeep along with dozens of trucks, firing wildly at everything that moved, be it a child or a woman or an old man. The hospitals were filled with bodies and the wounded. What were the crimes of the Karachiites? They just supported a woman as the presidential candidate, Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah.

Remember 1986, when Karachi’s Sohrab Goth became the world’s largest heroin market. Under international pressure, the then government and security agencies decided to launch an operation against the drug mafia. During the process of removal of the drug mafia, not a single bullet was fired. But the drug mafia had other plans. It retaliated most ruthlessly in their night attacks on peaceful and unarmed communities living at Qasba and Aligarh Colonies in Orangi Town and hundreds of residents were butchered overnight. They hoped that such attacks might immediately halt the administration from the operation against the drug mafia in Sohrab Goth.

In Karachi, Urdu-speaking and Pashto-speaking communities are living in harmony. It is the ANP leadership that incites people to violence through fiery statements.
Karachi is in the hand of MQM It's Good for all, And the World know about the MQM policy which is based on the Pacesetters of development..Had it not been for the MQM’s efforts for peace, no development could have taken place in Karachi.

Allah Keep Peace in Karachi..!! And MQM is the Last Hope for the People Of Karachi..

Saturday, May 29, 2010

The true face of Shaheed-e-Jamhoriyat - the question is, is it true???

International investigators have issued their investigative report on so-called Shaheed-e-Jamhoriya t, Benazir Bhutto. Let us see the real face of this so-called Shaheed through a letter she wrote to a US Senator after her government was dissolved in 90s.

Transcript and translation of Benazir Bhutto's letter (for clear reading) is given below:

--------- START -----------

Dear Peter Gailbraith,

عڑیز پیٹر گلبرائتھ۔

I do not know how to thank you for your so many favors to me and my family. As you know that the orders of my dismissal were drafted in the JAG branch of the GHQ, and it was not possible for me to pull along with the army and they subverted my Government.

مجھے نہیں معلوم کہ آپ کے انُ احسانات کا کس طرح شکریہ ادا کروں جو آپ نے مجھ پر اور میرے خاندان پر کرے۔ جیسا کہ آپ کو معلوم ہوگا کہ میری حکومت کی برطرفی کے احکامات جی ایچ کیو میں لکھے گئے اور میرے لئے فوج سے ٹکر لینا ممکن نہیں تھا تو وہ میری حکومت کو گرانے میں کامیاب ہو گئے۔

I have already communicated to various friends in the Congress and especially Stephen Solaran to use their good office with President Bush so as to put maximum pressure on President Ishaq and the army in Pakistan that they do not disqualify me from the elections as it will be unjust and negation of all democratic principles for which we have struggled.

میں پہلے ہی کانگریس میں موجود دوستوں، خاص طور پر اسٹیفن سولاران، سے درخواست کر چکی ہوں کہ وہ صدر بش کہ زریعے صدر اسحاق اور پاکستانی فوج پر بھرپور دباؤ دلوایں کہ وہ لوگ مجھے نا اھل کرار نہ دیں کیونکہ یہ بہت ناانصافی ہو گی بلکہ جمہوری اُصولوں کی بھی منافی ہو گی جن کے لیۓ ہم نے بہت جدوجہد کری ہے۔

"It would be more appropriate, if military as well as economic assistance to Pakistan is stopped and all the international agencies like World Bank, IMF are told to squeeze the Government of Pakistan and if possible all supply to Pakistan should be disrupted so that normal life in Pakistan comes to stand still."

"یہ بہت بہتر ہو گا کہ پاکستان کو دی جانے والی دفاعی اور معاشی امداد روک دی جائے اور تمام عالمی ادارے جیسے ورلڈ بینک، آیئ ایم ایف کو ہدایت دی جاۓ کہ پاکستانی حکومت کو ہر طرف سے ڈرایا جاۓ اور اس کہ ساتھ ہی پاکستان کو دی جانے والی تمام امداد روک دی جاۓ تاکہ عام پاکستانی کی زندگی مکمل طور پر رکُ جاۓ۔"

As long as I was the Prime Minister I kept a check on the Nuclear device but now I do not know what are the plans of Government.

جب تک میں حکومت میں تھی تو میں نے نیوکلیَر ہھتیاروں پر کڑی نظر رکھی پر اب مجھے اس حکومت کے ارادوں کا اندازہ نہیں۔

"The suspension of F-16 and its spares will bring the army to its senses."

"ایف-۱۶ طیاروں اور انُ کے فازل پرزہ جات کی رسد کی روک تھام بھی فوج کی عقّل ٹھانے لے آۓ گی۔"

"Dear Peter, please use your influence on V. P. Singh, the Indian Prime Minister to engage the Pakistani army on the borders so that they do not impede in my way. I wish Rajiv Gandhi had been the Prime Minister of India, things would have been easier."

"عڑیز پیٹر، بھارتی وزیرِ اعظم پر بھی اپنا اثر استعمال کر کے پاکستانی فوج کو سرحد پر پھسانے کی کوشش کریں تاکہ فوج میرے راستے میں رکاوٹ نہ ڈال سکے۔ کاش راجیو گاندھی بھارت کے وزیرِاعظم ہوتے تو بہت سے کام آسان ہوجاتے۔"

Thank you with warm regards,

Sincerely yours,

Benazir Bhutto.
بے نظیر بھٹو