Monday, July 12, 2010

Again, ANP Exposed by itself as Drug Mafia


MQM (Muthehida Qoumi Movement) also indicated the real faces of Land Mafia/Drug Mafia

Its a well known fact, that Karachi contains a large number of Land Mafias/Drug Mafia. The land Mafia/drug Mafia has its influence on multiple areas inside the city as well as the exit areas of Karachi.

Land mafia/Drug Mafia is involved in drugs, illegal weapons, kidnaping for ransom, bank roberies and many other crimes. This land mafia group has maked the city a living hell for common citizen.

What happened last consecutive years, was it for the interest of the people of Karachi, or was it a pre-planned setup to allow these Land mafia/Drug Mafia gangs to once again show their power, i have no doubts that they have the support of
ANP (a hypocrite), JI (an Extrmisits) and Imran Khan (Anti Karachi).

These all are the real culprits behind these bloodsheds, they have their stake in all this scenario, and they are the one who gain their political advantages by creating such situations in this economic hub of Pakistan.

I, as a common citizen, knows that these
terrorists have a very strong network in Karachi, and if one group is effected, the other comes into the action, but our govt. does'nt know such things, they just started the operation against them in 2 areas, without keeping any security arrangements in other sensitive areas of the City, and the time when the operation started, all the gangs of land mafia came on to the streets and started their activities, they burnt many cars, shooted many citizens, attacked homes, mis behaved Ladies and looted houses and shops.

May Allah save this City, AMEEN

Ammad Hafeez


  1. ammad bhai well done..!! well done!! boht kaam kar rahy hain aaj kal aap is project pay ..hum aap ko mubarakbad detay hain....n best wishes for future.