Monday, February 22, 2010

"Mustafa Kamal Or An Angel"

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Today's Topic is ---->> "Mustafa Kamal OR An Angel"..

After the very last press conference of mayor Mustafa Kamal on 17th Feb 2010 in which he recounted the infrastructure development works completed over the past four years, I read about completion of Hawk’s Bay water project today (18th Feb 2010) and other projects which are about to be completed. Now the question arises who will inaugurate those projects when City Nazim has already completed his tenure and he’s no more available to look after those projects.

Such concerns often arise in the minds of ordinary Pakistanis that who did what for Pakistan and how many inaugurations took place during particular politicians tenure but in case of "Mustafa Kamal" things are different, his only objective is to “develop” regardless of how many days left for his departure or whatever the political scenario is. By his action he has proved himself “The Miracle Man” who has turned one of the world’s most messed up port cities into a truly beautiful coastal city.

During his 52-month-long tenure (1560 days approximately), 2,159 mega projects, each worth Rs30 million to multiple billions, were completed. Besides, 337 big machines and logistics meant for various amenity works were also purchased.

Referring to the time available with his government to conceive and implement the big projects,Mustafa Kamal said: “I am indeed pleased to tell you that we completed the projects across the city for the benefit of every citizen of Karachi at an average of 48 projects a month.”

"Mustafa Kamal" attempts to improve city irrespective of ethnicity and political affiliations has helped his party MQM improved their image and that has only happened by the vision and approval of Altaf Hussain who has given free hand to Mustafa Kamal and advised him to break the taboo and develop the areas which are not even the vote banks of MQM.

City Nazim has also thanked to the Governor Ishratul Ibad Khan, President Asif Ali Zardari, former President Pervez Musharraf, the city council and the media, who kept guiding and supporting him and him teams in the city government and town administrations.

During Mustafa Kamal’s tenure the very first time not only the master plan of the city was prepared and given a legal status in the history, but CDGK also completed 35 flyovers and underpasses, 356 parks, 194 water and sanitation projects, 316 major and supplementary roads, 451 educational projects. As many as 110 projects were completed in rural areas, in the transport infrastructure 255 bus stops and 116 pedestrian bridges and a big car parking plaza were completed.

Our politicians should learn lessons to serve from this man who has literally done the wonders for the city. His efforts have further strengthened Karachites’ confidence in MQM and made them proud of being the citizens of now a “developed city”. I can only wish the local government foundation laid by Pervez Musharraf remains continue and all cities of Pakistan get maximum benefit out of it which can only happen if Pakistanis exhibit little sanity and chose people like Mustafa Kamal who has given a strong message to the nation about his credibility and his party’s potential.

Ammad Hafeez

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Is It Really alarming News for Pakistan ??"

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Today's topic is ----->>>"Is It Really alarming News for Pakistan ??"

* Missile technology of India is going upgrade :

India will test a nuclear-capable missile with a range of over 5,000 kilometres within a year, its top military scientist said Wednesday, risking a rise in regional tensions.

V.K. Saraswat whom the india Scientist said “The next series of missiles is Agni-V, which has left the drawing board and is moving toward the first flight trial within the year.India’s current longest-range nuclear-capable missile, Agni-III, can travel a maximum of 3,500 kilometres and is now ready for use by the military,

He further said “The missile system will be fully inducted into the armed forces,It is the full deterrence that the country needs.”
The Indian-built Agni-III was first tested in 2006 and brings major Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, within striking distance..

India kicked off its guided missile project in 1983 and has developed an array of weapons systems, including the Prithvi, which is meant for possible use against neighbouring "Pakistan".

India, which fought a brief, bloody war with China in 1962, has unresolved border issues with its giant neighbour.

The Agni-III is “a real mobile system and hence it has a strategic advantage,”

Agni-III and Agni-V would be able to carry 1.5-ton conventional or nuclear warheads.

Agni-III was declared operational after three flight tests and numerous computer-simulated trials.

The most recent test was held Sunday, when the missile was fired from Wheeler Island, off the coast of the eastern Indian state of Orissa.

Agni-III, which he called a “100-percent indigenous system,” hit its “target with pinpoint accuracy and met all mission objectives.”

*Missile technology of Pakistan by Nescom Chief :

Now on the other side Pakistan has achieved significant advances in the missile technology due to efforts and dedication of its team of researchers and scientists. This was stated by National Engineering and Science Commission (Nescom) Chairman Dr Mubarik Samarmand.

Tested a number of missiles of different range and capacity over the past years, the country had reached a position to deliver them to the armed forces. Nescom was one of the seven new companies from Pakistan, which showcased its products at this international arms fair in East London.

According to Dr Samarmand, five organisations working under Nescom are engaged in research and production of defence equipment and have been able to meet the relevant requirements of the country's armed forces.

He said "Apart from meeting the needs of our defence forces, Nescom has also been earning around 40 million dollars annually in export of its products to countries in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa,"

He said Nescom had also developed integrated battlefield management system by combining different radars mechanism, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of different capabilities, anti armour bomb, combined effect munitions, military batteries, infrared flares and other equipment including counter electronic measures for Pakistan Air Force and Navy.

According to Dr Samarmand, the defence equipment being manufactured by organisations under Nescom were not only cheap as compared to the prices offered by the European companies but also of highest international quality.

Nescom, he pointed, had also fabricated an integrated defence systems, created with an objective of developing an infrastructure for the indigenous weapons development and achieving self reliance in diverse technologies related to these areas.

So, What have u concluded??..Is It really alarming Situation for Pakistan??
Plz give your feed back on this..!!

Ammad Hafeez.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last Hope For Afia Siddiqui-----> MQM

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Today's burning topic is, Last Hope for Dr. Afia Siddiqui----> MQM

On 5 Feb, MQM's QeT Altaf Hussain appeals to the President of USA Obama that release Dr. Afia..

That's the fabulous Stance from MQM that work for Releasing of Dr. Afia Prisoner No. 650..MQM's Leader called to her Mother when all Political parties had failed.And He condemns the Jurors result..

But other Side,Nearly 3 years the religious, and rightist political parties of Pakistan have been cashing on the sympathy generated by the Dr. Aafia's case.But they didn't serious for her.They wanted to get score in the Politics and Played with the Soul of Dr. Afia..

MQM has kept quiet, as this was a matter of National Interest of Pakistan, and no one dare to destabilize the country based on propaganda's. However, Imran Khan and Jamaat-e-Islami have been the most vocal on this issue. While forgetting Zarina Marri and Dr. Shazia, we stick to Dr. Aafia. Never the less, as the sentiment is already created in the country, MQM has decided to take a step further and request the US Administration to favor the nation with her possible Presidential Pardon, which the anti-American slogan raisers were not able to do until now, but rather made her case worse by showing illicit support for her. The Taliban's backing of Dr. Aafia, will not help with the appeal process, but would rather deteriorate it further. MQM follows the philosophy of "Realism & Practicalism" as taught by Quaid-e-Tehreek Altaf Hussain, and so far this has worked in tackling the most and major crises of Pakistan. An Idealist can never win here!"

And a Fruitful Progress of MQM seem When Dr. Farooq Sattar, Deputy Convenor of Muttahida Qaumi Movement has been assigned the task for requesting and facilitating the release of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui with the US administration. We wish him success and offer full support with bringing her back to Pakistan.
Its mean MQM is able to face all challenges and When All have Failed When MQM works..!!
And We all appreciate the great Stance of MQM..!!

Do u Appreciate this work of MQM's??
Thanx for the Co-operation of Ali Raza Abidi Bhai..=)

Ammad Hafeez

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Situation of Karachi and PPP's Ministers..

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All we know about the situation of Karachi, Which has been going on for Last four days.And Day by Day all situations are going to be critical..Seven more people were gunned down late on Monday night when some unidentified armed assailants opened indiscriminate fire in the Nazimabad and Khwaja Ajmer Nagri localities of metropolis city, mounting the death toll to 26.But Police and Rangers are not taking fruitful step against on this Situations..!!

Unknown armed men started firing near Abbasi Shaheed Hospital, killing four people, two of them on the spot. While two others succumbed to injuries in the hospital.
Later, another incident of indiscriminate fire occurred near Abbasi Phatak located underneath Nazimabad Bridge, killing 5 persons on the spot including a youth who resided in nearby flats..

Two persons were gunned down in Orangi Town and Qasba Colony while the deceased persons were reportedly hailing from two different political parties and used to serve as their activists.
The incident seems to be the part of recent spate of target killing in city.

But Sindh Government, They are Silence and Specially Zulfiqaar Mirza Whom Interior Minister of Sindh..

And today, In Sindh Assembly "AGHA SIRAJ DURAANI" hit on C.D.G.K..Why??..PPP wants to make worst condition in Karachi..

In Karachi two Government has govern this city.
*Sindh Government
*C.D.G.K(City District Government of Karachi)
Where, C.D.G.K is the most famous system which is govern in Karachi..While Sindh Government also govern this City and mostly main task of Sindh government is making Karachi city in peaceful..And Interior Minister is responsible for all collapse in LAW and Order Situation..Police/Rangers work under the Interior Minister..But We have Seeing, Karachi going to unexpected critical situations for Last four Days as i have mentioned above.And Sindh Government has failed to control this Situations..

But Siraj Duraani and PPP want to make more critical situations..
Mirza Zulfiqaar also talk as like goon in assembly..Sir in Past u were lead "AL-Zulfiqar"..A group of Dacouit and Racists..!!
After this, the members hailing from Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) staged a walkout in protest against harsh speeches by Sindh Home Minister Zulfiqar Mirza and Local Bodies Minister Siraj Durrani.

Both the leaders delivered emotionally charged speeches at the floor; but, the MQM members were not allowed to respond. Reacting to this, the MQM members went out of the house in protest.

Sindh Health Minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed of MQM tried to give his statement in reaction to the fiery speeches by the Home Minister and the LB minister; but, he was stopped short by Acting Speaker Shehla Raza, saying she is running the House in accordance with the rules.

Dr Sagheer said his party condemns the killings of 125 party workers in one year, adding the Speaker is showing partiality. Later on, Muttahida members raised slogans and walked out of the House.

The session has been paused for the moment, as Senior Minister Pir Mazharul Haq, Jam Madad Ali, Murad Ali Shah and Ayas Soomro are making efforts to bring them round.......

And I wanna ask a Question to Mr. Siraj Durani Saab, Why were you Spoil Law and Said that you couldn't change your Black mirror from your vehicle..Why??
Sir plz Stop Blaming on other System..Firstly you analyze your self and then you realize that you are not a Patriotic Minister because when u couldn't follow the rules and Law..

I wanna say to all PPP Minister Plz don't expose your goon Style, Rules and Law applied for all Pakistani whom a Citizen or a Minister..

Ammad Hafeez.