Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Say not the Struggle/Revolution Naught availeth

Assalam-o-Alaikum to All Visitors.

Today we are talking about the Real meaning of Struggle / Revolution.

A child was born on 17th September 1953 in the Middle class family. He has all qualities of the real Leader (Revolutionary). After the Child hood age, He is going to the age of "Soldier".

He belongs to Middle class family, In the Middle Class Family gives Priority Education to money. The Man joined College "Islamia Science College" for the Graduation. After the Graduation "He" studied at University of Karachi in the Department of Pharmacy.

During the Education Era in Karachi University , He realized many of Peoples in the University look down upon him and All of Students in Karachi University said him "Muhajir". They further said him that your community is not the legal nationality of Pakistan.

In the Karachi University there were a number of political parties working for their people, but no one was representing Muhajirs. Muhajirs who had sacrificed their lives, left their homeland, their property for the sake of Pakistan, were now left alone and their rights were not protected. From his belief a person living in Karachi or any other city must get all resources that are the rights of every citizen.They were living the life of third degree citizens in their own country.

The Man (He) was stand for the Muhajirs and On 11th, June 1978 he provided the university students a way to fight injustice and established “ALL PAKISTAN MUHAJIR STUDENTS ORGANIZATION”, The Man is Only One " Mr. Altaf Hussain ".

Day by day, APMSO got fame and spread all over the Institutes. After a long " struggle " APMSO became very successful by protecting the rights of Muhajirs.

To provide a better environment of studies to those peoples A.P.M.S.O proudly converted into the “All Pakistan Muttahidda Students Organization” on 11 June 2006. APMSO, sole aim is to provide justice, and for this cause it has also established international communities which are spread all over the world

It was during University life that Mr. Altaf Hussain became involved in activism raising his voice for various injustices against Muhajir students. - Mr. Altaf Hussain rightly felt the sense of depreciation among Muhajir Community.

Especially the injustices towards Muhajir Students forced him to found All Pakistan Muhajir Students Organization on June 11, 1978.- His philosophy gained momentum and large number of students gathered at his platform. He was elected as the first Chairman of APMSO on June 11, 1978.

And Then Mr. Altaf Hussain Launhced "MQM". And Launching of MQM was the great Stance by Mr. Altaf Hussain.. Now MQM brings Middle Class Peoples to the Parliament. By the Struggle of The MAN " Mr. Altaf Hussain " MQM and APMSO got fame and Also got high Strength although many Conspiracies was hatched by the Hate Mongers but MQM and APMSO faced all Conspiracies under the Shade of Mr. Alataf Hussain. And MQM is the 3rd biggest Political Party of Pakistan and the Second biggest ruling Party of the Sindh and The Most Biggest and highly mandated Party of Karachi..

It all has happened by the NON Stop Struggle of Mr. Altaf Hussain. He is serving his life for the Poor and Middle Class Peoples of Pakistan. Mr. Altaf Hussain is the Bold and Courageous Revolutionary Leader Who never Stop his Struggle for the Middle class and Poor Sect of Pakistan..

At last, It's True "Say not the Struggle/Revolution Naught availeth"
Congratulation to all Supporters and Workers of QeT Altaf hussain Bhai "The Foundation day of APMSO"

Ammad Hafeez.

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