Monday, February 22, 2010

"Mustafa Kamal Or An Angel"

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Today's Topic is ---->> "Mustafa Kamal OR An Angel"..

After the very last press conference of mayor Mustafa Kamal on 17th Feb 2010 in which he recounted the infrastructure development works completed over the past four years, I read about completion of Hawk’s Bay water project today (18th Feb 2010) and other projects which are about to be completed. Now the question arises who will inaugurate those projects when City Nazim has already completed his tenure and he’s no more available to look after those projects.

Such concerns often arise in the minds of ordinary Pakistanis that who did what for Pakistan and how many inaugurations took place during particular politicians tenure but in case of "Mustafa Kamal" things are different, his only objective is to “develop” regardless of how many days left for his departure or whatever the political scenario is. By his action he has proved himself “The Miracle Man” who has turned one of the world’s most messed up port cities into a truly beautiful coastal city.

During his 52-month-long tenure (1560 days approximately), 2,159 mega projects, each worth Rs30 million to multiple billions, were completed. Besides, 337 big machines and logistics meant for various amenity works were also purchased.

Referring to the time available with his government to conceive and implement the big projects,Mustafa Kamal said: “I am indeed pleased to tell you that we completed the projects across the city for the benefit of every citizen of Karachi at an average of 48 projects a month.”

"Mustafa Kamal" attempts to improve city irrespective of ethnicity and political affiliations has helped his party MQM improved their image and that has only happened by the vision and approval of Altaf Hussain who has given free hand to Mustafa Kamal and advised him to break the taboo and develop the areas which are not even the vote banks of MQM.

City Nazim has also thanked to the Governor Ishratul Ibad Khan, President Asif Ali Zardari, former President Pervez Musharraf, the city council and the media, who kept guiding and supporting him and him teams in the city government and town administrations.

During Mustafa Kamal’s tenure the very first time not only the master plan of the city was prepared and given a legal status in the history, but CDGK also completed 35 flyovers and underpasses, 356 parks, 194 water and sanitation projects, 316 major and supplementary roads, 451 educational projects. As many as 110 projects were completed in rural areas, in the transport infrastructure 255 bus stops and 116 pedestrian bridges and a big car parking plaza were completed.

Our politicians should learn lessons to serve from this man who has literally done the wonders for the city. His efforts have further strengthened Karachites’ confidence in MQM and made them proud of being the citizens of now a “developed city”. I can only wish the local government foundation laid by Pervez Musharraf remains continue and all cities of Pakistan get maximum benefit out of it which can only happen if Pakistanis exhibit little sanity and chose people like Mustafa Kamal who has given a strong message to the nation about his credibility and his party’s potential.

Ammad Hafeez

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