Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Is It Really alarming News for Pakistan ??"

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Today's topic is ----->>>"Is It Really alarming News for Pakistan ??"

* Missile technology of India is going upgrade :

India will test a nuclear-capable missile with a range of over 5,000 kilometres within a year, its top military scientist said Wednesday, risking a rise in regional tensions.

V.K. Saraswat whom the india Scientist said “The next series of missiles is Agni-V, which has left the drawing board and is moving toward the first flight trial within the year.India’s current longest-range nuclear-capable missile, Agni-III, can travel a maximum of 3,500 kilometres and is now ready for use by the military,

He further said “The missile system will be fully inducted into the armed forces,It is the full deterrence that the country needs.”
The Indian-built Agni-III was first tested in 2006 and brings major Chinese cities, such as Shanghai, within striking distance..

India kicked off its guided missile project in 1983 and has developed an array of weapons systems, including the Prithvi, which is meant for possible use against neighbouring "Pakistan".

India, which fought a brief, bloody war with China in 1962, has unresolved border issues with its giant neighbour.

The Agni-III is “a real mobile system and hence it has a strategic advantage,”

Agni-III and Agni-V would be able to carry 1.5-ton conventional or nuclear warheads.

Agni-III was declared operational after three flight tests and numerous computer-simulated trials.

The most recent test was held Sunday, when the missile was fired from Wheeler Island, off the coast of the eastern Indian state of Orissa.

Agni-III, which he called a “100-percent indigenous system,” hit its “target with pinpoint accuracy and met all mission objectives.”

*Missile technology of Pakistan by Nescom Chief :

Now on the other side Pakistan has achieved significant advances in the missile technology due to efforts and dedication of its team of researchers and scientists. This was stated by National Engineering and Science Commission (Nescom) Chairman Dr Mubarik Samarmand.

Tested a number of missiles of different range and capacity over the past years, the country had reached a position to deliver them to the armed forces. Nescom was one of the seven new companies from Pakistan, which showcased its products at this international arms fair in East London.

According to Dr Samarmand, five organisations working under Nescom are engaged in research and production of defence equipment and have been able to meet the relevant requirements of the country's armed forces.

He said "Apart from meeting the needs of our defence forces, Nescom has also been earning around 40 million dollars annually in export of its products to countries in Middle East, South East Asia and Africa,"

He said Nescom had also developed integrated battlefield management system by combining different radars mechanism, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) of different capabilities, anti armour bomb, combined effect munitions, military batteries, infrared flares and other equipment including counter electronic measures for Pakistan Air Force and Navy.

According to Dr Samarmand, the defence equipment being manufactured by organisations under Nescom were not only cheap as compared to the prices offered by the European companies but also of highest international quality.

Nescom, he pointed, had also fabricated an integrated defence systems, created with an objective of developing an infrastructure for the indigenous weapons development and achieving self reliance in diverse technologies related to these areas.

So, What have u concluded??..Is It really alarming Situation for Pakistan??
Plz give your feed back on this..!!

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